Inside Sales Representative - Houston, TX
An Inside Sales position, with an independent owner of an agency representing a high profile organization - Nationwide Insurance and many other organizations. This is a real opportunity for anyone with inside or outside sales experience to learn....Read More Salary: $30,000.00 - $30,000.00
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Executive Agent - Houston, TX
Advance your career in the Insurance Industry. The Executive Agent role carries all the benefits of independence you might want. Association with high-profile industry leader ( Nationwide), superb products, great customer service and training under....Read More Salary: $40,000.00 - $42,000.00
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Sr. Account Manager - Houston, TX
With your experience, you will be the lead Account Manager in this Independent Agency. 4 other AMs will be looking to your leadership. Knowledge of Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and other Middle Market needs will be helpful in this role, Office is....Read More Salary: $65,000.00 - $72,000.00
Hourly: $31.25 - $34.50
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